Eoin Thomas O’Hehir

UX Engineer

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One-A-Day Tumblr Theme

A custom blog build

A personal project of mine, I was asked to build a custom Tumblr theme to highlight a series of one-a-day illustrations. Editing the HTML directly on the Tumblr’s tools, however, was inefficient and there was no way to track state.

I wanted a system that I could keep in version control and would allow me to easily copy and paste right into Tumblr’s HTML editor. Using Git and build tools with Grunt, that’s exactly what I created.

Screenshot of One A Day Website on an iPhone X

Designed for quick iterations

I needed to compile all markup, styles, and scripts down into one text file so that I could paste it into Tumblr’s HTML editor. So, I needed tools to both concatenate and compile all my code, but also to insert all of it into one file.

Using grunt-html-build, I took all my compiled styles and scripts and inserted it all into my one HTML file, which I was able to easily copy and paste into the HTML editor on Tumblr to quickly test and iterate on my code.

In conclusion

This was a fun tool to build. I took the limited features available to me and used my own knowledge of build tools to make things much easier and pleasant to code.

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